Nebraska PAMs Testing Service (NPAMTS) Information

Mission Statement

To serve the public interest through the testing of occupational therapy practitioners in the use of physical agent modalities. The Nebraska Physical Agent Modalities Testing Service, a Division of PAMPCA, LLC, will develop, administer, and continually review the testing procedures used to provide a valid appraisal of occupational therapy practitioners’ knowledge of physical agent modalities use as defined by Nebraska rules and regulations.

Testing is approved by the Nebraska State Board of Occupational Therapy and will be conducted electronically, in an online format. The applicant may choose to test in, any or all of five testing modules. To qualify to take one of these tests, the occupational therapy practitioner must have five (5) years of verifiable experience with using physical agent modalities. Verification of experience must be completed through the Nebraska State Board of Occupational Therapy and must be completed prior to sitting for the physical agent modality testing modules.

The five test modules offered through the Nebraska PAMS Testing Service include:

  • Superficial Thermal Agents (thermal and cryotherapy): available to both the OTR and OTA
  • Deep Thermal Agents (Ultrasound and Phonophoresis): available only for the OT
  • Combined Superficial and Deep Thermal Agents: available only for the OTR
  • Electrotherapeutic Agents: available only for the OTR
  • Comprehensive Physical Agent Modalities Test (Superficial, Deep and Electrotherapeutic Agents): available only for the OTR

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