Physical Agent Modality Credentialing Course for the Occupational Therapy Practitioner

NEW! A unique distance learning approach which complies with most state requirements for Physical Agent Modalities Certification.

The Physical Agent Modalities Practitioner Credentialing Agency, LLC (PAMPCA), has designed a continuing education course in PAMs for the busy therapist. You do not have to set aside multiple weekends to complete your credentialing training in physical agent modalities. Instead, you learn via the Internet in the comfort of your home or in small study groups and then attend only one two-day workshop. Our successful graduates are awarded 45 contact hours of continuing education credits through Saginaw Valley State University.


PAMPCA helps you to obtain the training and continuing education you may need to comply with state certification requirements. Please check with your state licensing and regulatory board to determine what your specific state requirements may be.

Aggressive didactic lessons on both thermal (heat, cold, ultrasound, phonophoresis) and electrical modalities (TENS, NMES, Iontophoresis)

A two-day hands-on workshop to demonstrate familiarity and safety issues related to PAMs

Tracking supervised clinical hours to complete the credentialing process

Comprehensive examination included during the second day of the workshop

The course is comprised of 12 learning modules plus a two-day workshop and supervised clinical hours. Upon successful completion of the course, our graduates are awarded 45 contact hours of continuing education credit awarded by Saginaw Valley State University. Graduates of this course are awarded a credential by the Physical Agent Modalities Practitioner Credentialing Agency, LLC, and are allowed to use CPAM after their name. This course complies with regulatory and licensing requirement for PAM use in most states requiring additional credentialing of OT practitioners.

Note: You must have a computer and access to the Internet to participate in this course.

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The fee for the entire course is $595, which includes certification in both thermal and electrical modalities. Also included are all home study lessons provided via the Internet, a textbook, necessary paperwork to demonstrate completion of the course, comprehensive lab manual, and a certificate of completion once all requirements have been met. Student tuition, with proof of college current registration, is $499. CPAM®

Qualify for a Discount!
Send three or more from the same company, registering at the same time, and each receives $50 off the regular fee, paying only $545 each. NOTE: For any Discount, we can not go back and apply credit for registrations already completed.

For additional information contact the Saginaw Valley State University, Office of Continuing Education & Professional Development at 989-964-4048.

Notices received within 14 days of the registration date are eligible for a refund minus a $100 cancellation fee and $45 textbook fee. Cancellations made after two weeks of the registration date are not refundable. Transferring a registrant to an alternative workshop site is permissible on a one-time basis for a $50 processing fee and is contingent upon space available. Transfers made less than a week before the original workshop is held are not possible. All transfers must be rescheduled and completed within eighteen (18) months of original cancellation/meeting date to be eligible for transfer. Registrants who do not show up for a course and do not contact the SVSU office in advance will not be eligible to transfer to another workshop.

Note: We reserve the right to cancel any workshop for which there is insufficient registration. In that event, registrants will be encouraged to attend the workshop at a different location with no processing fee charged, or will be refunded the amount of the tuition minus a $45 fee for the textbook.

The mission of Physical Agent Modalities Practitioner Credentialing Agency, LLC (PAMPCA), is to provide a credentialing process that includes the necessary education, testing, and monitoring of clinical preparedness for practitioners who want to use physical agent modalities in their practice. In doing so, the public is able to identify those healthcare professionals who are qualified to use physical agent modalities as part of their routine practice.

PAMPCA, LLC, was established to educate practitioners in the proper, safe and judicious use of physical agent modalities in the treatment of their clients. PAMPCA provides the education, testing and awarding of an initial credential for physical agent modalities use to practitioners. It has created an innovative, structured educational system leading to certifying individuals for using physical agent modalities. This education process is provided through web-based instructional media, a two-day workshop and supervised clinical experience.